Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hair Metal isn't coming back... it just never left!

It seems as though glam metal has truly stood the test of time. Unlike every major artist from every other genre of music, only hair metal can withstand like it has been. Every day a new group of high school slackers with long hair get together to form metal bands. The mission is simple: Look good, get rich, get laid a lot, don't work, don't go to school. Because the glam scene is based on principles that will never die, it's foolish to think that the music ever will.

Being that I live in Hollywood, I see long haired, leather pants wearing, tattooed metal heads on a daily basis. The sunset scene (while perhaps not as glorified as it was in the past) is still very much alive and well. Old bands are releasing new albums and new bands are emerging. Is it true that Rock and roll is unstoppable? Let's hope so.

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